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There are several museums, farms and small villages you can visit en route if you wish to learn more about Norwegian culture. Some of them are listed below.

Bryggen in Bergen was built after the great fire of 1702 in the same manner as the earlier buildings that housed the merchants of the German Hanseatic League from 1350 until 1764. Today, Bryggen has gained a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List and Bergen has become a World Heritage City. Guided tours of Bryggen are available for groups.

The Flåm Railway Museum is located in Flåm. Here you can learn more about the history of the Flåm Railway and its technological development, day-to-day life in Flåm and Norwegian railways in general. Free admission. The museum is located in the old station building only 100 metres from the Flåm Railway.

Otternes Bygdetun is located between Aurland and Flåm, and is in walking distance of Flåm. The farm consists of 27 farm buildings and it also has large areas of forest and outlying fields. People have lived on the farm for more then 400 years. Today the farm is a cultural heritage site where you can participate in cultural walks and various farm activities.  

Stalheim Folk Museum is one of the largest privately owned folk museums in Norway. In addition to the exhibition hall that houses around 5,000 objects, the museum also includes 25 cog-jointed farm buildings and the beautiful Lekven house from 1725.

Undredal is a small village beside the Aurlandsfjord, which has a population of 80 people and four times as many goats. The village is known for its stave church, which is mentioned in a church letter dating 1320 and its white and brown goat’s cheese. A visit to the village can be combined with a visit to the church and a taste of the local fare or a meal at the Osteklokka café. You can get to the village by boat or bus.  

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