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2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sales outlets

Here you will find a list over our largest sales outlets in Norway and abroad.

Find a sales outlet

Terms & Conditions - trips

Read more about the terms for trips sold on the Internet and at our agent offices.

Read terms & conditions for trips

Terms & Conditions - hotel

Read more about the terms for Fjord Pass® hotel booking.

Terms & conditions for hotel booking

Round trip travel tips

Whether you are planning a long holiday in Norway or just a short break, Fjord Tours is guaranteed to have offers that suit you - all year round!

Read more about our Round trips

Adventure travel tips

Skiing, hiking, kayaking and cycling. Transport and activity in one package - easy and efficient!

Read more about Adventure travel

Norway by Car tips

To help you plan your trip we have compiled various travel routes that are well worth including in your holiday in Norway.

Read more about Norway by Car

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