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Rubbestadneset in Bømlo is Sunnhordland's last bulwark before the open sea, acting as a long-drawn shelter for the islands and the villages within.

Bømlo is an eldorado for persons interested in fishing, and offers many overnight accommodation alternatives - as well as allowing everybody to try their fishermen's luck, either from boat or onshore. Moster Amfi, Northern Europe's most beautiful open-air theater and the largest outdoor amphitheater with seating for 1,200 spectators i located in Bømlo.

Activities and sights in Bømlo:
- Moster Amfi
- Fishing
- Wichmannsmia

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Rubbestadneset- Oslo: 479 km
Rubbestadneset- Bergen: 111 km
Rubbestadneset- Haugesund: 68 km

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