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Bodø - Tromsø

Travel Bodø - Tromsø by car

We have created a tour for you through Norway's most popular tourist areas, with several activities along the way. This tour takes you through the three northernmost counties in Norway. Magnificent scenery, the ocean, mountains and the Midnight Sun are among the highlights of this tour.

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Travel route:
- Bodø - Svolvær: 226 km, 4 hrs 30 min. Follow the E 6 to Skutvik. Take the ferry to Svolvær
- Svolvær - Narvik: 75.6 km, 1 hr 20 min. Take the E 10 from Svolvær  to Narvik
- Narvik - Tromsø: 251 km, 3 hrs 45 min. From Narvik, you take the E 6 to Nordkjosbotn and turn off onto the E8 to Tromsø

There are several sights on this Bodø-Tromsø  tour:
Midnight sun, Northern lights, Lofoten, Saltstraumen, Tromsø - 'the Paris of the north', the North cape, and the Finnmarksvidda plateau among many other.

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