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Bergen – Trondheim via National Tourist Routes

Travel Bergen – Trondheim by car via National Tourist Routes

We have created a tour for you through Norway's most popular tourist areas, with several activities along the way. Experience Norway’s beautiful coastal landscape including National Tourist Road , the Trollstigen Road, the Geirangerfjord (included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List), the Art Nouveau town of Ålesund and many other great sights.

Book activities, hotel and other accommodation along the Bergen-Trondheim route
You can book activities and accommodation through us. We have collected all the information on one easy to browse page, so you can get an overview of your possibilities as you plan your trip. If you plan on renting a car you will save 15% if you buy our Fjord Pass®.

Bergen-Trondheim travel route:
- Bergen - Balestrand: 196 km, 3 hrs 24 min:  E16 from Bergen to Vinje, RV 13 Vinje to Vangsnes. Ferry from Vangsnes to Balestrand.
National Tourist Route Gaularfjellet:  Balestrand- Moskog: 124 km, 1hr 52 min:  RV 55 from Balestrand to Moskog, from Moskog to Førde E39.
- Førde-Videsæter: 159 km, 2hrs 23 min, E39 to Byrkjelo and RV 60 further to Stryn. Stryn-Videsæter RV 15.
National Tourist Route Strynefjellet: Videsæter-Grotli : 25 km, 30 min. RV 258 from Grotli to Geiranger.
- Geiranger - Ålesund, 2 hours: Ferry Geiranger - Hellesylt. RV60 Hellesylt - Ålesund
- National Tourist Route Geiranger-Trollstigen: 132 km, 2 hrs 32 min. National Tourist Route, RV 63 Langvatnet, Strynefjell plateau  to Sogge bridge in Rauma.
  and further to Åndalnes.
- Åndalsnes-Ålesund: 120 km, 1 hr 45 min. E136
- Ålesund - Molde, 1h 50 min: - E136 Ålesund - Åndalsnes. RV62 Åndalsnes - Molde120 km, 1 hr
- Molde - Trondheim, 4 hours: - E39 Molde - Trondheim

There are several sights on this Bergen-Trondheim trip:
Bryggen in Bergen, Mount Fløyen, the Sognefjord, the Geirangerfjord and Nidaros Cathedral.

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