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The Discovery Route and National Route Ryfylke

Take a scenic trip between Stavanger - Bergen

The Discovery Route is an historical route from Stavanger to Bergen via the National Tourist Route Ryfylke and Hardanger area. This route takes you through magnificent scenery with salmon rivers, large waterfalls and deep lakes. This area is also known for major hydropower production. The Discovery Route offers charming villages with accommodation, food based on local ingredients and unique activities.   

Book activities, hotel and other accommodation along the route
Through our pages you can book activities and accommodation. We have collected all the information on one easy to browse page, so you can get an overview of your possibilities as you plan your trip. If you plan on renting a car you will save 15% if you buy our Fjord Pass®.

Travel route: ca. 6 hours and 30 minutes
- Stavanger – Tau: Ferry ca. 30 minutes
- Tau – Hjelmeland: Rv13 National Tourist road ca. 47 km, 40 minutes
- Hjelmeland – Nesvik: Ferry ca. 20 minutes
- Nesvik – Sand: Rv13 ca. 43 km, 39 minutes
- Sand – Nesflaten: Rv 13 ca. 47 km, 44 minutes
- Nesflaten – Røldal: Rv 13 ca. 28 km, 26 minutes
- National Tourist Route  Røldal – Odda: E134 ca. 42 km, 36 minutes
- Odda – Rosendal: Rv 550-551 ca. 47 km, 43 minutes
- Rosendal – Gjermundshamn: Ferry ca. 25 minutes
- Gjermundshamn – Bergen: Rv 48, Rv 7, E16 and E39 ca. 102 km, 1 hour 28 minutes

There are several sights on this trip:
- The Pulpit Rock (Prekestolen)
- The Lysefjord
- Rv 13: National Tourist road Ryfylke
- Suldalslågen – West Norway’s largest river
- Nesflaten village with its distinct 60 century architecture
- The old stave church in Røldal
- The Barony Rosendal

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Get up to 25% discount on activities when traveling between Stavanger and Bergen:
- Museums in Stavanger
- Guided city walk in Stavanger
- River expedition in Sand
- Food Safari in Nesflaten
- Glacier walk on the Buerbre arm of the Folgefonna glacier

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FAQ about The Discovery Route and National Route Ryfylke

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