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Travel Trondheim - Narvik by car

We have created a tour for you through Norway's most popular tourist areas, with several activities along the way. This tour takes you from Trondheim to Steinkjer, continuing on the Kystriksveien coastal highway. Journalists and visitors have called the Kystriksveien coastal highway ‘The most beautiful stretch of road in Norway and perhaps the finest tourist route in Norway’. From Steinkjer in the south to Bodø in the north, the Kystriksveien coastal highway takes you through 650 kilometres of varied and magnificent landscape.

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 Trondheim - Narvik Travel route:
- Trondheim - Steinkjer: 120 km, 2 hrs. From Trondheim, you take the E 6 to Steinkjer
- Steinkjer - Namsos: 75.6 km, 1 hr 20 min. Drive the RV 17 ‘Coastal highway’ to Namsos
- Namsos - Brønnøysund: 223 km, 3 hrs 54 min. Continue on the RV 17 to Brønnøysund
- Brønnøysund - Nesna: 130 km, 3 hrs. Continue on the RV 17 to Nesna and north on the Coastal highway
- Nesna - Glomfjord: 178 km, 3 hrs 24 min. The RV 17 to Glomfjord
- Glomfjord - Bodø: 137 km, 2 hrs 10 min. The last stretch on this trip, also on the beautiful coastal highway, ends in Bodø

There are several sights on this  Trondheim - Narvik trip:
The Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, the Island of Jøa in Olav Duun country, NORVEG Costal Cultural Centre, the famouse mountains: Torghatten, the Seven Sisters, Dønnamannen, Hestmannen and Lekamøy, the Svartisen glacier and Saltstraumen among many others.

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- Visit Namsskogan Family park

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FAQ about Trondheim-Narvik

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