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Bergen -The gateway to the fjords

Bergen is called ‘the city between seven mountains’ because of the many mountains that surround it. At 624 metres, Mount Ulriken is the tallest of them.

Bergen was one of the major Hanseatic cities in Europe and it has been a great centre of trade throughout the ages. Fish was exported from Bergen, while grain was the chief import. The first German merchants came to the city already in 1270, and the powerful Hanseatic League existed until 1784, when it was disbanded. The Hanseatic merchants operated in the Bryggen area, which is now included on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords and is included on all our organised trips.

Activities and sights in Bergen
- Visit Bryggen - included on UNESCO´s World Heritage List
- Guided tours to Edvard Griegs home "Trollhaugen"
- Take the famous Funicular (Fløibanen) from the city centre to the top of Mount Fløyen
- Enjoy the lively fish market
- Guided tours to Ole Bull´s home "Lysøen"
- Visit the Aquarium in Bergen

All of our round trips to the fjords go by Bergen:
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