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In the inner Nærøyfjord

Gudvangen is a popular tourist destination in Aurland and an ideal place to start a tour in the Sognefjord area. It is the point departure for ferries to all the famous tourist destinations in Sogn.

Gudvangen is situated in the inner Nærøyfjord, which has been included on UNESCO´s World Heritage List since 2005.
Even though it is one of the narrow fjordsest in Europe, it is more than big enough to accommodate most of the cruise ships that visit the area.

Activities and sights in Gudvangen
- The Nærøyfjord
- Guided hiking trip by the Nærøyfjord
- Hiking trails to the mountain
- The magical white caves
- Viking experiences in the Viking Valley

Four of our round trips to the fjords go by Gudvangen:
Norway in a nutshell®
Hurtigruten & Norway in a nutshell®
Geiranger & Norway in a nutshell®
Lysefjord & Norway in a nutshell®

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