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The Sognefjord

The Sognefjord - Norway's deepest and longest fjord

Norway’s longest fjord, the Sognefjord, located in the heart of Norwegian fjord country and extends more than 200 km (120 miles) inland. Explore the Sognefjord on one of our round trips to the fjords.

- The second longest fjord in the world
- One of the world's most beautiful travel destinations
- The inner end of the Sognefjord is covered by Jostedalsbreen

Most of our round trips to the fjords includes the Sognefjord:
Sognefjord in a nutshell
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Geirangerfjord & Norway in a nutshell®
Hurtigruten & Norway in a nutshell®
Pulpit Rock &Norway in a nutshell®

Get up to 20% discount on accommodation near the Sognefjord.
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See prices and hotels near the Sognefjord 

Activities on and around the fjord:
- Kayaking
- Fjord Safari
- Walking trips
- See more activities here.

FAQ about The Sognefjord

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