Foto: Uteguiden

Schnorcheln in Lygnstøylvatnet - Stranda

Suchen Sie ein anderes Abenteuer in Sunnmøre? Vielleicht haben Sie einige spektakuläre Unterwasserfotos von Lygnstøylvatnet gesehen? Dann können Sie weiterlesen, um zu sehen, ob dies etwas für Sie sein könnte.

4 Stunden
Für alle geeignet
01.MAI - 30.SEP

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This is a trip for those who like to challenge themselves and are not afraid of water. It is cold in the water, but we get thick wetsuits that keep us warm during the trip. Snorkeling is basically an activity that suits everyone who wants to try something different and it does not require any kind of prior knowledge, except that you must be able to swim. We have an age limit of 12 years.. 

The trip starts from Utelivs location in the centre of Stranda at 10.00, but for those of you who want to show up directly by the water, it goes well too, then the meeting is 10.45. The guide tells the story of Lygnstøylvatnet and the landslide that dammed up the water with a lot of exciting facts around.

After a safety review, equipment (wetsuit, snorkel, mask, flippers, gloves and wet shoes) is distributed to all participants and we get ready for snorkeling on Lygnstøylvatnet. We are about 1.5 hours in the water before we go ashore and finish with a bonfire, coffee and cinnamon buns.

History about Lygnstøylvatnet & Norangsdalen

Lygnstøylvatnet is located in Norangsdalen, a valley rich in both nature and cultural experiences. The water was formed in 1908 when a landslide from the mountain Keipen dammed up the river that runs through the valley, and the road and mountain farms ended up under water in a few days. In the water you can still see the old road, the farm walls and the gate.

As a bonus on this trip, we drive through the beautiful Norangsdalen, which is an experience in itself. Øye and Norangsdalen have been a favorite tourist destination for a long time - around the year 1900, the tourist ships anchored at Øye. The horse-drawn carriages transported many a named person on the old traffic road through Norangsdalen to Hellesylt. Among others, Emperor William II of Germany was a frequent guest. After "Silver Cruise" in 1993, Norangsdalen got the nickname "Dronningruta". 7 European queens have taken the trip through Norangsdalen.

Have an exciting trip under water!