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Walsafari - Colin Archer boot

Auf dieser Whale Safari in Tromsø suchen Sie Wale bei der Erkundung der Fjorde und genießen die atemberaubende Landschaft. Das Boot ist ein Colin Archer Boot und ein englischsprachiger Führer und Fahrer wird mit Ihnen den ganzen Tag sein.

Dieses Produkt kan zur Zeit nicht gebucht werden, weil zu wenige Wale in der Gegend sind.
Wir empfehlen stattdessen diese exzellente Walsafari in Tromsø!

We pick you up in Tromsø by bus and take you to our beautiful boat that awaits you on north on Whale Island. During the drive you can sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery while and listen to our guide telling you all about the whales, about Tromsø and some fun facts and tales from the area.

Our boat is a comfortable and charming vessel that holds 22 persons, and ensures you a personal experience. It has an outer deck which is easy to move around and a small indoor saloon if you want to warm up or enjoy a hot drink. Onboard you will meet your captain who will give you a short safety briefing, explaining everything about the safety onboard, the life rafts and the life jackets.

The most common whale species are humpback whales and orcas, but there are also chances of seeing fin whales and possibly harbor porpoises and other species. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for other wildlife such as white-tailed eagles and different seabirds, e.g. shags, guillemots, little auks, and the seals that sometimes can be seen resting on the cliffs.

If we’re lucky, we may also be able to catch some fish. If so, we will prepare, cook and enjoy a small taste of freshly cough fish, straight from the sea.

Practical information

  • Meeting point/pick-up: Scandic Ishavshotel, 15 min before departure at 08:30
  • Duration: 5h, 30min, approx. 3.5 hours on the boat
  • Included: Transport, English speaking guide, coffee, tea, biscuits. fish soup- not a whole meal. Toilet facilities onboard
  • Wear warm shoes and clothes
  • We give safety instruction prior to every tour with information on how to put on flotation jacket
  • If there is to few people booked another boat of similar size will be used
  • 12 years and older are counted as adults

Did you know?

We conduct responsible and safe whale watching, aiming never to disturb the whales while they are feeding. Our goal is to be more than a safari, therefore we want to invite you to be a part of a research project!

The subject of the research project is the whales migration paths. Whales that are in the area are identified by their flukes, and pictures of the whales flukes helps a lot! So send your fluke pictures to This helps us to learn more about these magnificent creatures!

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    01.NOV - 10.JAN

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