Foto: Christian Hauge, Innovasjon Norge

Fjord Kayaking in Jondal

Jondal ist bekannt als das beste Tor zum Gletscher Folgefonna, ist aber auch berühmt für seine Fjordlandschaft. Das beste Fjord Erlebnis ist von einem Cockpit in einem Seekajak. Man hat das Gefühl, Teil des Fjords zu sein und es ist unmöglich, dem Wasserelement näher zu kommen, ohne nass zu werden!

3 Stunden
01.JUN - 01.OKT

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At Juklafjord you will meet the kayak guide and prepare the kayak tour with a safety introduction, equipment adjustment etc. Once done, you are ready for a true fjord experience from the cockpit in a real sea kayak.

The kayak tour starts with basic paddling techniques, handling of the kayak and procedures if you are unlucky and capsize with the kayak. When you feel safe and can control the kayak, the kayak trip goes to "Jonaneset".

Note that the tour may be adjusted due to wave conditions, weather etc. In any case, you from the fjord have fantastic views to the beautiful surrounding mountains and the stunning fjord landscape.

At Juklafjord Activity Center you can safely store your personal belongings, change of clothes etc. There is also a café here, so after the trip you can enjoy a hot soup, cake or a cup of coffee.

Have a nice trip!