Foto: Marius Rua

Lokale Nahrungssafari in Røros

Erleben Sie ein einzigartiges kulinarisches Erlebnis, wenn Sie die lokale Hauptstadt Norwegens besuchen! Auf dieser lokalen Essenssafari in Røros führen speziell ausgebildete Führer durch die engen und historischen Straßen von Røros.

1Std., 30Min
Für alle geeignet
21.JAN - 28.FEB & 15.JUN - 15.AUG

Dieser Inhalt ist zur Zeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

What did the miners eat during their workday compared to the upper class? In what way has the Sami culture affected trade and what they ate? Your guide will answer these questions and more by creating a historical frame for this exciting local food safari!

Your guide will lead you through Røros' history up to the present, where Røros is a known as one of the premiere regions for local food in Norway. The products of the region are grown locally and slowly in a cool climate with long, bright summer nights. This creates flavors that are unique and a diversity that is incredible.

The tour will end at Kaffestuggu, an historic eatery with long standing traditions. A taste platter with the combination of innovative and traditional products will create the perfect ending to the safari. Participants can of course buy a larger selection of beverage, in addition to the non-alcoholic option included in the price, on their last stop of the safari.  

Welcome to a unique and historical culinary experience!