Foto: Tromsø Safari

Aurora Safari Camp in Tromsø

Nehmen Sie an einem Aurora Safari Camp in Tromsø teil und erleben Sie die magischen Nordlichter! Genießen Sie einen Abend in einem sicheren und privaten Camp, in dem Sie die Möglichkeit haben, einzigartige Fotos von den tanzenden Nordlichtern zu machen.

7 Stunden
Für alle geeignet
22.OCT - 20.MAR

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Tromsø is located in the center of the Northern Lights zone and one of the places in the world where you can most likely experience this unique natural phenomenon. The Northern Lights can be seen from the city center, but our recommendation is to get out of the city, together with a local guide who knows the best places to see this magical light.

Tour description

Your guide will pick you up in Tromsø and bring you to a private and safe Aurora Safari Camp where you can experience the magical Northern Lights. There are several camps located in different areas to cover different weather conditions, giving you a great chance of seeing this natural spectacle. In the camp, there are local hosts, warm shelters, toilet facilities, thermal winter suits, and tripods, as well as campfires and benches outside.

Based on the guides vast experience, the latest weather forecast, and wind direction, your guide will choose the Aurora Safari Camp with the best chances of clear sky and, therefore, of experiencing the Northern Lights. If the weather changes and clouds move in, your guide checks with his network if it would be better to move to another location. The focus of this trip is always to show you the Northern Lights!

In the Aurora Safari Camp, you will be served a locally prepared hot soup, as well as hot drinks, and “lefse”, a local sweet snack. 

Did you know?

By joining this tour, you support local landowners, food producers, and transport companies and contribute to a sustainable local economy and destination.