Foto: Rørosmuseet / Øystein Engan

Geführte Tour von Røros

Lernen Sie die charmante Holzstadt Røros bei dieser aufregenden Führung durch die historische Stadt kennen!

1Std., 20Min
Für alle geeignet
02.JAN - 31.DES

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When Røros Copper Works built the first smelter in 1646 people came to get paid work and settle with their own farms. Røros emerged as a collection of town houses with barns and outbuildings.

The mining town has preserved much of its original character with street pattern laid out in the 1600s. Its well-preserved wooden buildings from the 1700s and 1800s was the basis for the inscription on the Unesco World Heritage list in 1980.

Join us on a guided tour where you get to hear more about the history behind this charming wooden town, the people who lived here and how the city has evolved through preservation and modernization!

Enjoy getting to know Røros!