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Rundreise nach Runde Vogelinsel von Ålesund

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Diese Tour mit der Schnellfähre und dem Bus führt Sie von Ålesund über Hareid und Fosnavåg zur Vogelinsel Runde.

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The island is a popular destination all year round, but is spectacular in the summer due to its teeming bird-life. Between 500,000 and 700,000 sea birds inhabit the island in the season, most of them in the cliffs. The island also offers great hiking.

The island is a popular destination all year round, but is particularly exciting in the summer due to the buzzing bird life. Runde is located at the end of the sea gap with about 150 permanent residents.

In the season there are between 500,000 and 700,000 seabirds on the island, most of them live on the bird mountain. Around 80 species have been found breeding, and more than 230 species have been registered on the Bird island.

Fuglefjellet is the southernmost in Norway and is the most species-rich seabird in the country. Birdlife is active year-round on the island, and in winter you can study the harshest species, which thrive in the harsh and wild climate.

It is also possible to see the colonies by hiking up the mountains along marked paths, and regardless of the mode of travel, it is important to remember that rules have been introduced for conservation because of the vulnerable nature.

The area is fantastic for diving and fishing and has also great opportunities for walking.

Good to know

  • Meeting point: Ålesund express boat terminal, see map HERE
  • Duration: 7-10 hrs depending on chosen departure - and return time
  • Age: Children 4-15, adults from 16 years
  • Child safety seat cannot be guaranteed
  • Bring food and drinks. Open cafe at Runde Miljøsenter in the summer season
  • Dress according to the weather and wear good shoes

Have a nice trip!

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    22.JUN - 16.AUG

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