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Trolltunga Sunset Go Viking tour

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Dieses Jahr sind Sie eingeladen, eine neue Saison zu entdecken und an einem neuen, einzigartigen Trolltunga-Wanderabenteuer teilzunehmen! "Go Viking" nach Trolltunga.

Dieser Inhalt ist zur Zeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

During much of the autumn,winter and springtime, Fjord Norway’s majestic mountaintops are blanketed in thick layers of snow. Hiking to Trolltunga during the off-season encounter peace and solitude unlike anywhere else.

The view from Trolltunga as the sun disappeares behind the white Folgefonna glacier is a fantastic and magical experience. On the Trolltunga Sunset Winter tour you get Trolltunga almost completely for yourself. The sunset at Trolltunga creates an incredible and unique atmosphere. 

This tour starts with a hike from Skjeggedal and you'll follow the path by foot to Mågelitopp. From Topp we switch to skis or snowshoes. On snowshoes, up the mountain side to Gryteskar where we get a spectacular view towards the Folgefonna glacier.

At Endenut we settle in at our Trolltunga Sunset Dome, a campsite not far from Trolltunga. The guide will prepare a delicious dinner, tasting even better combined with the stunning views towards the Ringedalen lake, Tyssebotn, and Trolltunga.

After dinner, we hike to our Rockstar Trolltunga. In the evening you will have the Trolltunga almost for yourself, and you can really enjoy the peace and tranquility of being in the mountain. Finding your special moment, watching the sun disappearing behind the Folgefonna glacier. Plus add some butterflies to your tummy standing on the edge of Trolltunga!

We end our evening at the Trolltunga Sunset Dome, with good talks and telling of Norwegian fairy tales.

The next morning, filled with impressions; breakfast, freshly baked bread, enjoyed while still being within the “fairy tale” of this beautiful, intense, magical nature.

Good to know

  • Meeting place and time: The Trolltunga Active Store in Skjeggedal at 11:00
  • Duration: Approx. 26 hours
  • Age limit: 15 years
  • Total length: 2x 14 km, ascent 1000 m
  • The price includes snowoes or skis, hikingpoles, tent, sleeping bag, dinner and breakfast, local snacks, photo services and a professional nature guide
  • You have to be in normal good shape to go on this tour

What should I bring?

  • A 40 liter backpack with:
    • beanie/hat that covers your ears
    • Warm gloves/mittens
    • Dry wool socks
    • Some extra warm cloths (mainly wool, this is because wool continues to keep you warm after you get wet)
    • Food for 10-12 hours
    • 1.5 liter water/drink, some snacks/chocolate
  • On your body:
    • Wool socks and woolen thermals
    • Windjacket/pants, goretex is recommended
    • Running gloves and a cap
    • Winter shoes, if renting skis, we have shoes for the skis.
    • Sunglasses and sunscreen

The weather at Hardangervidda mountain plateau can be rough. Its important that you are prepared according to the equipment list, and prepare with training beforehand for a hike of 10-12 hours.

At 21:00 the day before your tour, it will be held an information meeting at the Trolltunga Hotel in Odda. Your guide will inform about the hike, equipment needed, weather forecast and more.  If you are joining the Trolltunga Winter tour, the Trolltunga Hotel has transportation to the meeting point in Skjeggedal included in the accommodation price. 

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