Video: Fjordtrotters
Video: Fjordtrotters

Panorama-Fjordwanderung ab Bergen

Nehmen Sie an einer großartigen Wanderung von Bergen zum Berg Bergsrinden teil. Bergsrinden liegt auf einer 400 Meter hohen senkrechten Klippe hoch über dem majestätischen Sørfjord. Der Wanderweg zum Gipfel führt Sie durch wunderschönes Berggelände und eine einzigartige historische Landschaft.

6Std., 30Min
01.JUN - 31.AUG

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For more than 7000 years there have been people living in the area, from the first hunters who settled here after the last ice age - to the Vikings who ruled this region at the turn of the last millennium.

Tour description

This adventurous day tour will take you far off the beaten track - departing from Bergen city center where your local guide will pick you up from our meeting point outside the Tourist information. The starting point of the hike is located by the beautiful Sørfjorden, about a one-hour drive north/east of Bergen. The total elevation from the starting point to the summit is about 350 meters, with a walking distance of 3 km each way.

Due to the lack of roads and infrastructure, this area has remained a somewhat hidden gem amongst Western Norway's more busy and well-known destinations. From the top, you will have a stunning view of the secluded fjord and the mountainous scenic landscape surrounding the summit, including several small, roadless farms that can be seen in the distance. These farms date back to the Viking era and are some of Norway's last fjord-farms that still operate without any road connection, solely depending on boat transportation.

The total duration of the hike is estimated to be about 4,5 hours and is considered appropriate for participants in normal good physical condition with basic hiking skills. The whole tour - including transport and hiking is estimated to be 6,5 hours total.

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