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Fjellheisen in Tromsø - Northern lights tour

Northern lights over Tromsø - Fjellheisen cable car - Tromsø, Norway
The magical Northern Lights - Fjellheisen in Tromsø, Norway
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Are you ready for a Northern light experience like no other?

  • Take the Fjellheisen cable car in Tromsø to the top and get the best view to the Northern lights!
  • Includes transfer, guide, amazing view and cable car tickets
  • An authentic Arctic experience!

Tour description

The bus to Fjellheisen cable car station departs from the city center. You meet up with your guide at the cable car station.
Head up the famous cable of Tromsø for an experience at dizzying heights, overlooking the islands, fjords and mountains of Tromsø. This is also the perfect spot to observe the famous Northern Lights.
Fjell­hei­sen was built in 1961 by Brød­rene Jakob­sens Rederi, a shipping company that operated extensively in polar hunting, fishing and expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. The cable cars proudly carry the company's two symbols; the polar bear and the seal.
The Fjellheisen Cable Car goes from Solliveien in Tromsdalen up to Storsteinen Mountain. The lower station is located on Tromsø's mainland, 50 meters above sea level. The upper station, Fjellstua, is located 421 meters above sea level. The trip takes four minutes.

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