Photo: Joanna Borgiel

The Norway Frozen Experience

The modern movie classic Frozen introduced millions to the wonders and secrets of Norway, from the mythical to the very real. Countless people have been inspired to visit the country to find the real equivalents to the fairytale world of Frozen; the quaint architecture, fjords, waterfalls, mountains, and glaciers. Spread across Norway, there's a lot of real-life inspiration to encounter. Fjords Tours takes you through the country with transport, experiences and accommodation covered. With us, you get to live the fairytale - all on one ticket! 

We have put together a presentation of three, particularly «frosty» tours for you. You get the «Full Frozen» experience on the classic Norway in a nutshell® tour through the western fjords, on scenic railways through the country combined with the famous Hurtigruten coastal cruise. The second, most complete, tour includes the Norway in a nutshell® itinerary with a trip to the north to see the magic of the northern lights in full splendor. The third tour takes you on a cruise on the «King of the fjords», Sognefjorden as well as on scenic railway journeys across the land. 


Hurtigruten and Norway in a nutshell® 

This tour combines Norway’s two most popular tours, the classic Norway in a nutshell® tour, and it allows you to live the most «frozen experiences». Travel highlights include: the famous Flåm Railway, the mountain-crossing Bergen railway, and more wilderness sights on the Dovre and Røros railways.

Sites that inspired Frozen include the Akershus fortress in Oslo, the UNESCO listed Bryggen Wharf in Bergen, the Nidarosdomen Cathedral in Trondheim and much more!

You can start the tour from OsloBergen or Trondheim

Northern Lights and Norway in a nutshell® 

Adding the aurora borealis to your travel itinerary is adding more magic to your journey! This 4 day + tour takes you through Norway, combining «fjords and north» into the most complete «nutshell experience». You cross the land on the Bergen Railway, experience fjord cruises and the Flåm Railway on the Norway in a nutshell® part of the journey before flying to Tromsø in the north.

Here is where you will chase the magic of the northern lights on an excursion (on the same ticket) that also introduces you to the Sami culture in the form of a meal enjoyed in a «lavvu» - a traditional herdsmen tent. Besides experiencing the Frozen elements in Oslo and Bergen, you get to explore life north of the arctic circle.

Start the tour from Oslo or Bergen

Sognefjord in a nutshell Winter Tour

The «King of the fjords» invites you on an epic fjord cruise as well as the world-renowned Flåm Railway. This tour is another opportunity to experience the sites in Oslo and Bergen that inspired Frozen, and the Sognefjord region also offers a truly authentic picture of Norwegian culture and traditions - elements that you can explore on your trip by adding unique activities and overnight stays to your itinerary.

The majestic fjord itself, and surrounding waterfalls inspired the landscapes of Frozen. One highlight, that can be visited on the Sognefjord summer tour includes the village of Balestrand, with St.Olav’s church being the direct inspiration to the chapel in Frozen (as well as giving the name to everyone’s favorite snowman!).

Start the tour from Oslo or Bergen 

Top Six Frozen Highlights

Bryggen in Bergen

The Hanseatic architecture of the UNESCO listed Bryggen Wharf in Bergen inspired the design of Arendelle in the movie. No Frozen journey would be complete without a visit to Bergen, and the wharf, which is very much alive with activity.

Røros Town

Another UNESCO heritage site, it is easy to see how the former mining town of Røros with its snowy hills and frozen landscape inspired the film-makers. The town is one of the coldest spots in Norway, but also one of the atmospheric. Furthermore, the Sami culture, another inspiration for Frozen 2, is central in the area.

Akershus Fortress in Oslo

This 700-year-old fortress with a very central place in Norway’s history plays the part of Elsa and Anna’s castle in Frozen. The fortress has provided protection for Oslo up to 1850, after surviving numerous sieges. Today, it is only under siege by tourists who want to get an entertaining history lesson at the site.

The Northern Lights

There’s no spectacle in nature more magical than the aurora borealis! This is used, to great effect, in Frozen when Elsa escapes over the mountain under the «blue-green fire» of the sky ablaze with the Northern lights. A trip north of the arctic circle is required to really experience it full force.

St. Olavs Church in Balestrand

This is the actual site where Elsa was crowned the Queen of Arendelle. The church is located in the very charming village of Balestrand where you’ll also find the Kviknes Hotel, which looks like it might belong in the movie as well!

The Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim

This imposing Gothic cathedral has a stunning interior used in the first Frozen movie, and it is fair to say that it is Norway’s most impressive piece of architecture (constructed 1070-1300). However, the iconic wooden stave churches, unique to Norway, also feature prominently in the film.