Photo: ©Daniel Ronnback
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Winter Activities for Groups

Fjord Tours offers great deals for winter activities for groups! We can custom build your trip according to your preferences and wishes.

We can include transportation by train, skipass, overnight stays and other winter- and ski activities is you wish. Contact us at and we'll sort something out!

Geilo and Voss are the perfect destinations if you want to do downhill skiing, Telemark skiing or snowboarding. If you want to go cross-country skiing, you should head for Finse on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau.

GEILO – Norway’s ski town!

Geilo is located midway between Bergen and Oslo and it is the perfect destination if you arrive in Norway from either of these cities, or if your company has offices in both Eastern and Western Norway. Geilo is possibly Norway’s most traditional winter skiing destination. There are 20 ski lifts and 40 different downhill runs, from beginner slopes to exhilarating slopes with moguls and jumps.

Geilo offers a great variety of winter activities. Try driving a snow scooter, a dog sled or go on a sleigh ride! When you are cold and tired of the snow, you can warm up in the sauna or swimming pool at the hotel.

VOSS – Skiing paradise!

Voss is located one hour by train from Bergen and it is one of Norway’s top winter destinations. It is also known as a destination for extreme sports enthusiasts from both Norway and abroad, winter and summer alike. No matter what you are into - downhill skiing, Telemark skiing or snowboarding - you will find the challenges you are after in Voss.

There are many different winter activities to choose from in Voss. Try a bob-sled ride from Tråstølen, a winter relay race where teams compete in six different winter disciplines, take part in a parallel slalom cup, curling Voss-style or cross-country skiing with a guide in the beautiful mountain terrain.

While at Voss, you should try the traditional, local food ‘Smalahove’ - a smoked sheep’s head!

You can also experience winter Norway on the round trip Norway in a nutshell®, which takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway.

FINSE - Genuine!

Finse is a very popular winter sports destination, but you won't find any ski lifts there.

At 1,222 metres, Finse is located on the roof of Norway, and in winter you can only get there by train. With the Hardangerjøkulen glacier in the background, Finse is an inspirational and peaceful place to hold meetings and conferences.

At Finse, you can choose between activities such as glacier walks, ski kiting and bob sledding in the snow. You can also go on a long cross-country skiing trip and have lunch in a tent in the great outdoors.