Photo: Paal Audestad/ Fjordtours
Fjord Tours Articles / 25 Mar 2019

Once you’re here, take your time

You may have traveled to Norway from far, far away. You may have spent hours and hours getting to our country. So, once you’re here; don’t rush, take your time!

One of the big paradoxes with travel in Norway is that visitors want to see everything, but in a short period of time. People travel to Norway from all over the world to see fjords, mountains, glaciers, highland landscapes, coastline and beaches, visit our cities and experience our culture. Word to the wise – this is simply not possible in just a day! 

By hastily speeding through the sites and attractions the whole experience can be lessened and felt rushed. There is so much to see and enjoy along the route, so we highly recommend that you take your time along the way! 

Photo: Hotel Alexandra

Relax, breath out and spend the night 

We always recommend travelers on our tours to spend one or more nights along the route. Taking a tour in one day can be a great option for many, but it can also be a bit stressful. Many people wish that they had more time to enjoy the sights and attractions instead of rushing through the experience. By spending a night along the route, you will also get more chances to do some sightseeing on your own or even join in on an exciting activity or two. Our hotel portfolio is extensive and have handpicked and negotiated great hotel deals for you as a traveler. You can add accommodation to your tour in the booking process. Check out some of our hotels here.

Photo: Thomas Tande

Add to the experience with an exciting activity 

Taking part in an activity offers an additional perspective to your experience in Norway. It gives you the opportunity to see or experience something you might have never seen or experienced before. And let's face it, you might not get the chance againWith so many unique activities on offer in Norway, it would be silly not to take advantage! Check out activities you can do on our different tours or see our activity categories here.

As you have probably figured out by now, we highly recommend taking your tour over several days. But no matter how you want to encounter Norway, in one day or over several days, the fjords and scenery here will always offer a truly unforgettable experience.   

Enjoy your time in Norway!