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Cancellation Protection

If you take out cancellation protection when booking your tickets, you have the right to cancel the journey free of charge, with a deduction for the cancellation protection.

The cancellation protection gives you the right to cancel the trip in the event of sudden and serious illness, accidental injury or a death in your own household or immediate family, which prevents you or makes it unreasonable for you to carry out the trip. The circumstances must be documented by a medical certificate, submitted on a form approved by Lægeforeningen (the Norwegian Medical Association) and Den Norske Reisebransjeforening (the Norwegian Travel Association).

The right to cancel a trip also applies if another member of your party is prevented from travelling and it is therefore unreasonable to expect that you complete the journey unaccompanied by the person in question. The reason for the cancellation must be documented and submitted no later than one month after the circumstances occurred. If the price of your holiday is based on two or more people sharing the same room, cabin or apartment, the cancellation protection will cover any surcharge that would otherwise arise as a result of you not being able to undertake the journey. 

Cancellation protection also covers events of a sudden and serious nature that you did not know about nor should have known about when entering into the agreement, thus making it unreasonable to insist that you use the tickets. Examples of such circumstances might include serious damage to property. Such circumstances must be documented, by, e.g. a police report or a certificate from an insurance company.