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Terms and Conditions - Luggage transport

Read more about the terms and conditions that applies when you book luggage transport through Fjord Tours.

Your luggage needs to be available for pick up at the reception at our partner hotels on the following times:  

  • Oslo and Bergen: before 06:30 
  • Voss: 09:00
  • Flåm: 10:00

Luggage will be delivered at the chosen partner hotels at the following times:

  • Bergen and Oslo: before 21:00 the same day
  • Bergen to Flåm: before 14:00
  • Oslo to Flåm: before 15:00
  • Bergen to Voss: before 13:00 
  • Oslo to Voss: before 16:00

Customer responsibility

  • You must mark all luggage with your name in advance since we cannot bring luggage without knowing the name of the owner
  • We will make an individual waybill and reference attached for each piece of luggage. A copy of the waybill will be left in the hotel reception
  • You need to have your own travel insurance in case of damage to the luggage
  • Damage demonstrably applied in our custody will be compensated by our subcontractor or their insurance company according to their principles

Delayed delivery after 23:00 is compensated with NOK 250 pr unit. If delivery Is delayed until the next day we will refund expenses to necessary purchase of toiletries, underwear etc. If the delay is caused by factors outside of our control (e.g. force majeure, accident, closed roads etc), we are not obliged to such compensations.


  • Cancellations until 14 days prior to activity start is refunded 100%, cancellation later than 14 days prior to departure cannot be done or refunded
  • Cancellations need to be completed through Fjord Tours customer service, or else they will not be refunded