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Njardarheimr Wikingerdorf, Gudvangen

Nimm an einer aufregenden und unglaublichen Reise teil, die dich über tausend Jahre zurück in die Vergangenheit führen wird! Das brandneue Njardarheimr Wikingerdorf in Gudvangen ist der perfekte Ort, um einen Tag mit der ganzen Familie zu verbringen!

2 Stunden
Für alle geeignet
02.JAN - 24.DES

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At the Viking Village in Gudvangen you can listen to the echoes of history as you hear stories of the Vikings. Here you can understand who the Vikings were and where they came from.

You can learn about what it was really like to be a Viking and experience for yourself a Viking community. You will learn more about the Vikings travels, their boats and how the Viking age and its teachings have left a deep mark in history which still affects our lives today.

Activities in the park differs during the week and according to weather conditions, but all activities will be announced at the entrance every morning.

Have a nice day in the Viking Village in Gudvangen!

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