Foto: Norsk Tindesenter © Matti Bernitz

Norwegische Bergsteigerzentrum

Das Norwegische Bergsteigerzentrum ist ein brandneues Besucherzentrum in Åndalsnes, das sich auf Norwegische Bergsteigergeschichte und Bergaktivitäten im Freien konzentriert.

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Trollfolk - 15 minute movie

Don`t miss out on our unique multimedia show. The movie theatre at Norsk Tindesenter is one of its kind in the world. The screen itself is 3D and simulates a rock wall. Watch the spectacular movie from the Romsdal surrounding and see what great activities can be done in the mountains here.

The story incorporates a nice fairytail story that is sure to keep everyone interested for the 15 minutes the movie lasts.

Norwegian mountaineering museum

At the Norwegian mountaineering centre you will find a modern exhibition that in a varied way conveys the history and development of mountaineering, from the first ascent of Romsdalshorn in 1828 till the modern era.

The exhibition features interactive stations, videos with different themes and equipment you can touch and try.

Norway's highest indoor climbing wall

Make sure you visit Norway`s highest indoor climbing wall while in Åndalsnes! Here you can watch people climb or give it a go yourself! The sport climbing wall at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre is a great choice for climbers of any ability and for anyone who wants to give the sport of rock climbing a go.

With 60 climbs spread over 20 anchors, there is plenty of scope whatever your ability.

Tindestua - Cafe and Restaurant

The cafe and restaurant at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre accomodates 100 people inside, with additional seats outside, directly on the waterfront. Enjoy the great view of the Romsdalfjord and surrounding mountains.


Make sure you visit our giftshop while in Romsdalen.