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Video: / Go2Lofoten AS

Seeadlersafari zum Trollfjord - RIB

Machen Sie eine Seeadlersafari zum Trollfjord und erleben Sie die Lofoten mit ihren steilen Bergen, kleinen Inseln und Riffen!

2 Stunden
Für alle geeignet
17.JUN - 11.SEP

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Trollfjorden is the destination visited by most tourists in Lofoten summertime.  Beside the dramatic nature, Trollfjorden is also known for the Trollfjord battle, which is central in the North Norwegian fishing history. The stories about the Trollfjord have fascinated and inspired a number of famous writers and artists, such as Johan Bojer, with the book "The Last Viking", and Gunnar Berg with his works about the Trollfjord battle. 

​On the trip to Trollfjorden, we drive through Raftsundet, which has a very large presence of Sea eagles. This is the largest eagle in north Europe, with a wingspan up to 2.65 m.  If we are lucky we can also see whales, porpoises, basking sharks and seals!

The Sea Eagle Safari to Trollfjord, is suitable for the whole family and takes about 2 hours.   

Welcome to a fun and exciting trip to Trollfjorden in Lofoten!