Video: Norsk Tindesenter
Video: Norsk Tindesenter

Einführung in das Klettern im Norwegischen Bergsteigerzentrum

Noch nie geklettert? Das Norwegische Bergsteigerzentrum bietet die perfekte Möglichkeit, es auszuprobieren!

1 Stunde
Für alle geeignet
15.JUN - 15.AUG

Dieser Inhalt ist zur Zeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Try climbing the indoor climbing wall at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre with an experienced instructors looking after you. With climbs set to suit all levels of experience and ability, this is an experience suitable for all. Intro to climbing is perfect for adults and children alike.

The activity is set up as a group lessons, with a maximum of 6 people.  After the session you are of course welcome to continue climbing on the bouldering wall, or explore the Norwegian mountaineering centre further. 

Have fun!