Foto: Nasjonale turistveger


Trollstigen ist eine spektakuläre Bergstraße im Rauma in Westnorwegen. Die Serpentinenstraße steigt den Berg hinauf und bietet ein aufregendes Fahrerlebnis.

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The Trollstigen Road is one of our most popular National Tourist Routes and is a spectacular drive up or down the serpentine road between Åndalsnes and Valldal.

The road is not particularly long, but twists through 11 hairpin bends up to Stigrøra, 858 meters above sea level. At the top of the Trollstigen there is a plattform offering spectacular views and there are also two viewpoints along the road. All are designed to blend into the natural surroundings by the Norwegian architect firm Reiulf Ramstad Architects.

Construction of the road started in 1916, but there was for centuries been a path or bridle way between Åndalsnes and Valldal. You can also actually still see parts of the original pack horse track in some places alongside the current road. 

Each of the 11 hairpin bends has its own name, most of them after the foremen who led the construction gangs that built the road. Driving on the road is fascinating, but can also be a test of the nerves! So if you are a bit uncomfortable with heights, perhaps you should let someone else take the wheel.

Facts about Trollstigen

  • The road was opened on 31st July 1936 by King Haakon VII. Before that farmers on both sides of the mountain had worked hard on construction and improvement of the cart track that existed before the road opened 
  • The road is narrow with a gradient of about 9 %
  • Vehicles longer than 13.1 meters are not allowed to drive on the road
  • The road is closed during the winter months, but a very popular tourist attraction during summer
  • There are several great viewpoints and passing pockets offering spectacular views along the road