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Hotel Brosundet

  • Am Meer
  • Historische Hotel
  • Romantische
  • Ålesund
  • Westnorwegen

Das Hotel Brosundet bietet eine andere Erfahrung. Als intimes, familiengeführtes Hotel kümmern sich unsere aufmerksamen Gastgeber um jeden einzelnen Gast.

Dieser Inhalt ist zur Zeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

The hotel is designed to pay attention to what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt. From the delicate interior design, stunning artwork, antique beams to fresh local seafood all in company with the locals which has Hotel Brosundet as one of their favorite spots in town.

Our passion is to preserve the buildings as they originally were warehouses and significant to the fishery in small town Ålesund. As soon as you enter the hotel you will find inspirational design combined with an authentic story to tell. The outer walls of the hotel extend directly into the waters of Brosundet, Ålesund true town center.

Molja Lighthouse is Room 47 at Hotel Brosundet. Located a five minute walk from the hotel we offer a very special experience to share with someone you love.

Hotel Brosundet is proud to be a part of 62°NORD and for guests at our hotels we offer bespoke itineraries to explore Ålesund and Sunnmøre. The hotels has private boats to take you on trips to explore the secluded fjords. We recommend Hjørundfjord and Geirangerfjord.

Ålesund and Sunnmøre is the perfect starting point for self-drive adventures to the fjords and Sunnmøre Alps. The adventure starts at the doorstep in Art Nouveau Ålesund and direct access to the fjords, Sunnmøre Alps and open sea.

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