Foto: Erzscheidergården Hotell

Erzscheidergården Hotell

Erzscheidergården wurde im 17. Jahrhundert gebaut, und enthält immer noch viel von der Bergstadt-Seele. Hier sind Wände aus Bauholz aus vergangenen Zeiten, und jedes einzelne der 24 Zimmer haben ihre Eigenart.

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We are a small hotel with Røros church as our nearest neighbour. Erzscheidergården embodies the soul of this mining town and is characterised by the same atmosphere as the rest of the wooden buildings at the heart of the Røros UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stay in comfort in our beautiful rooms, each with its own unique design and distinctive ambience, inspired by the nature, culture and people of Røros.

Erzscheidergården, the former ore separator's house, is known for its warm hospitality and its ample home-cooked breakfasts. Our breakfasts have become almost world-famous in Røros (which we must admit we're quite proud of!). In the mornings the aroma of freshly baked bread, rolls and waffles wafts through our cosy dining room. Help yourself to freshly prepared salads, herring, cold cuts, eggs, cheese, honey and home-made preserves, before heading out to experience everything Røros has to offer.

Coffee and home-made pastries are also available throughout the day in our comfortable lounge with its welcoming fireplace.

The house takes its name from the ore separator – in German: Erzscheideren – who once lived here.

The copper mines laid the foundations for Røros Mining Town, and both the town and the surrounding areas retain many traces of 333 years of mining operations. Røros is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Outstanding Universal Value.

Erzscheidergården, dating back to the 17th century, is part of this history, and some of our buildings in fact enjoy protected status. This unique heritage is very important to us, something that will be apparent to you as a guest.

Welcome to Røros and Erzscheidergården Hotell!

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