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Luggage transfer

Are you traveling on one of our tours between Oslo and Bergen, and do not wish to bring your luggage along on the tour? Use our trusted service partner Porterservice to handle your luggage.

When taking one of our tours, you can easily book luggage transfer between Bergen and Oslo or Oslo and Bergen through our trusted partner Porterservice.


When booking luggage service, your luggage is transfered between hotels in Bergen and Oslo. You have to stay at the hotels where your luggage will be transferred between. Fjord Tours will not be responsible for your luggage if you make other accommodation arrangements.
You must mark ALL LUGGAGE with the orderer's name and the reference number in advance.

Book luggage transfer



You need to deliver your luggage at the reception at your hotel before 06:30 hrs. The luggage will be picked up by the luggage transportation service between 06:30 and 12:00.


Your luggage will be transported to your selected destination and is available for pick-up by 21:00 the same day. The luggage is normally delivered earlier, between 16:00 - 17:00. Contact the reception to collect your luggage.
You do not need to pick up your luggage the same day as it is delivered at your destination hotel if you arrive at a later time. If you are planning on taking a tour with overnight stays between Oslo and Bergen or vice versa, bring an overnight bag with you for your overnight stay and ship the rest of your luggage to your selected final destination in Oslo or Bergen.
You will receive an email when your luggage has been picked-up and when it has been delivered to your hotel.
See Terms & Conditions for luggage transport HERE.

Travel light, enjoy your tour, and let us take care of your luggage!