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Electric bus from Flåm to Stegastein, view of the Sognefjord - Things to do Flåm, Norway
Want to travel and explore Norway in an eco-friendly way? Reduce you environmental footprint and travel eco-friendly on one of our tours!

Explore Norway responsibly

Fjord Tours is a sustainable tour operator focusing on reducing the environmental footprints within tourism. We strive daily to make it easy for visitors to Norway to travel and explore in an eco-friendly way!
Traveling in Norway can be difficult due to the large distances, rugged terrain, weather and climate, as well as the general infrastructure. This is often a challenge for visitors who prefer traveling in an eco-friendly way, as well as operators like us who want to offer the best eco-friendly solution for visitors to Norway.
In some cases, and because of great distances, an eco-friendly option is not always available or expedient. We take pride in the fact that our largest and most popular tours use the eco-friendly options where available.

Eco-friendly activities

We have loads of eco-friendly activities available all over Norway. This is just a small sample of some of our most popular alternatives. You can see all our activities here.


Water on the Hardangervidda- Norway
Sustainability: Keeping our waters clean and clear
Picture perfect, nature’s unadulterated best, untouched paradise...all apt expressions which try to capture the beauty and tranquility that the stunning Norwegian Fjords have to offer. The Norwegian Fjords are not only the home to some of the world’s largest coral reefs and most fertile fishing grounds, but are a gateway to nature.
Enjoy a sustainable tour in Lofoten
Are you thinking of visiting Lofoten this summer? Our Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™ tour is an incredible option for exploring the very best of what the Lofoten area has to offer, and on the tour you’ll only be using public transport. It’s a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to travel, and you’ll get to see so much of this beautiful region of Norway. Keep reading to find out more about the stunning area of Lofoten!
6 Norway animals that may soon be gone forever
With global warming’s dire consequences becoming more apparent every year, more people are starting to open their eyes to the impact humans have on the environment. Luckily, this rise in environmentalism has made people more conscious about things that were previously thought to be minor, such as the impacts of tourism on the environment.
Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
Norway’s Arctic Climate
Norway’s Arctic is one of the most astounding places on the planet. From the vast untouched snowy landscape, to the breathtaking Aurora Borealis, to the unique wildlife, the Arctic is truly something incredible. Unfortunately, climate change is having a devastating impact on Arctic regions worldwide. If change doesn’t occur rapidly to repair the damage that has already been done, the results will be devastating for Arctic regions as well as the rest of the world.
Ecotourism activities in Norway
More and more people are discovering ecotourism and are using it to explore some of the most fascinating destinations throughout Norway and the rest of the world. By 2023, the ecotourism industry is expected to grow to a total worth of over $338 billion, with over half of this growth coming from Europe.
The Flåm Railway - Sognefjord in a nutshell winter tour
Sustainable travel in Norway - Train
Fjord Tours is Norway's largest tour and activity provider. We collaborate with Vy, the country's largest provider of train travel. Together, Vy and Fjord Tours are focused on providing sustainable travel solutions throughout Norway.
Sustainable travel in Norway
These days, more and more travellers are focused on sustainable travel. People want to experience their dream destinations while minimizing the negative impact on the local environment and community. Fortunately, Norway is one of the most sustainable countries in the world, and plenty of measures have been taken to ensure that travellers can enjoy an eco-friendly Norwegian holiday.
Electric Fjord Cruise in Oslo - Norway
Go Electric: Norway's renewable energy
Norway is primarily powered by hydropower. Norwegian innovators are, however, also developing other renewables and the technology to make them work. Renewable energy sources have one thing in common: minimal greenhouse gas emissions.
Barkode - Oslo. Norway
Oslo-European Green Capital 2019
For many years, Norway has been considered one of the greenest countries in the world. This is due to the fact that it takes on so many environmentally-friendly initiatives that are aimed at significantly reducing the country's carbon footprint.
Fjord cruise on the Nærøyfjord from Flåm - Norway
Eco-friendly travel with Fjord Tours
Fjord Tours is a sustainable tour operator focusing on reducing the environmental footprints within tourism. We strive daily to make it easy for visitors to Norway to travel and explore in an eco-friendly way!