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Fjord Cruises from Bergen

See all the ways you can experience the Norwegian fjords from the charming city of Bergen, from two hours to full days. Explore the fjords in a number of ways, from traditional sailboats to hyper-modern zero-emission vessels.
There are many reasons why Bergen is one of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations, the main ones being the historic UNESCO-listed town center with its stunning architecture, and the city’s role as a «gateway to the fjords».

With no shortage of water around, from the Norwegian Sea to the famous fjords of the Vestlandet region; the mighty Sognefjorden, the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjorden, and the attractive Hardangerfjord you can find your fjord adventure around Bergen here!

Fjord Tours offers the «world’s most popular Norway tour», the Norway in a nutshell® tour that brings you from Bergen by train to Myrdal where you board one of the most scenic railways, the Flåm Railway. From the town of Flåm you enjoy a cruise on a silent, low-emission catamaran on the Aurlandsfjord and the unique Nærøyfjord.

The Sognefjord in a nutshell and the Hardangerfjord in a nutshell (without the Flåm Railway) are other variations that offer each its own way to cruise the fjords. If a day trip is not on your schedule, shorter cruises like a 2h sailboat cruise or the popular 3h cruise to Mostraumen from the port of Bergen are great alternatives.


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Fjord Cruises - From the Port of Bergen


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