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Fjord Tours Articles / 21 Sep 2020

A Closer Look at Loen

Of all the places in Norway, Loen is special. Visitors can enjoy plenty of entertaining activities inside the village limits, and there are numerous options for outdoor adventures not far from the settlement center.

Loen offers a charming small-town feel that can be a relief from bigger cities. But even though it’s small, Loen still offers all the essential amenities for visitors. Here is a closer look at the beautiful village of Loen!

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Photo: Loen Skylift

In this guide, you will discover things to do and see in and around Loen. This village is located in the municipality of Stryn, so you have the option to make your base anywhere in Stryn and still have access to Loen. Just remember to pack your walking shoes and smartphone because there’s a lot of beauty to take in! 

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Jostedalsbreen Glacier

The village of Loen is nestled below this magnificent glacier in the Nordfjord region. This area is known as a hub for hiking, so if you want dramatic scenery then Loen is the place to go. For hundreds of years, European tourists have been visiting this small village to marvel at the views. Tourism is a major industry here, so you should be able to easily meet your needs while visiting. 

If you want to get closer to the mountain and its glacier, then take the Loen Skylift. You’ll get a view of the fjords and the Jostedalsbreen National Park. It’s also possible to venture into the mountains for a day hike if you’d like to stretch your legs. The main glacier is enormous and the lowest-lying part of it is called the Kjenndalsbreen glacier. Truly, there’s no wrong way to go about exploring Loen as long as you find a way to visit the glacier.

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Mt. Skala

When you visit Loen, you also have the chance to explore the famous Mt. Skala. Its huge height and impressive rocky outcropping make it hard to miss. There is a good walking path with a steep elevation climb that you can take up from the fjord. Remember to employ safe hiking procedures when you’re out on the mountain. Choose safe paths and don’t be too proud to turn back. Check the weather and ask guides for advice before heading out. Bring extra supplies and prepare for unexpected weather.

If you’d like an overnight adventure on Mt. Skala, then spend a night in the old stone tower at the very top of the mountain. You can also just spend a bit of time enjoying it during the day. It is one of Norway’s most unique hiking cabins and anyone is welcome to check it out when it’s not booked.

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Mt. Hoven

An easy walk from the Loen Skylift, you can reach Mt. Hoven via a gravel pathway. You have lots of walking options, including easy and short or difficult and long. Everything is very well-marked so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You will be treated to more stunning views of the Jostedalsbreen National Park from high above sea level. 

Do keep in mind that conditions can change rapidly. Trails are well-maintained, but a bit of rain and wind can make even sturdy trails difficult to navigate. For the easiest walk at Mt. Hoven, head toward Mt. Skredfjellet which has a gravel pathway that can handle strollers. If you’d like to spend a bit more time outdoors before returning to Loen, then go to Mt. Skredfjellet but take the 6.4km hike which extends beyond the gravel road and past a mountain farm. 

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Photo: Loen Skylift