1. Suppliers


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This page is for Fjord Tours' existing and new suppliers. Here you will find information on how to become a supplier, as well as log-in options for existing suppliers.

Systems and System Integrations

Fjord Tours has a number of system integrations, but also provides:


For accommodation products, Fjord Tours has the following solutions in place:
  • Integration with Sabre Synxis. For more information about Sabre Synxis, please press HERE.
  • Integration with eRevMax RateTiger. For more information about eRevMax RateTiger, please press HERE.
  • Accommodation Allotment (AIMS). Fjord Tours provides AIMS as an administration tool for accommodation allotments. You can find more information by pressing HERE (requires Login).
In addition, we are also working on other integrations. Let us know which system you are using!


For tours and activities products, Fjord Tours has the following solutions in place:
  • Integration with Travius. For more information about Travius, please press HERE (Norwegian only).
  • Integration with Trekksoft. For more information about Trekksoft, please press HERE.
  • Integration with ExperienceBank. A channel management solution for the tours and activities market. For more information about ExperienceBank, please press HERE.
Let us know if you are interested in working with us and using another tours and activities system.

How to become a supplier

If you use or have an integration with any of these systems, you are more than welcome to become a supplier! For more detailed information, please contact our sales manager Kjetil Tredal, at kjetil@fjordtours.com.

Supplier Portal Log in

Fjord Tours provides a Supplier Portal, which enables you as a supplier to keep track of bookings made by Fjord Tours. If you have a Fjord Tours user account and you are approved for access to the Supplier Portal, you can log in HERE.
Please contact datamanagement@fjordtours.com to get access to the Supplier Portal.