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Lush fjord landscape and local tastes

Cider Experiences in Hardanger from Lofthus and Odda - Hardangerfjorden, Norway
Cider Experiences in Hardanger - Alde Sider - Bleie Gård, Hardangerfjorden, Norway
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Cider tour in Hardanger

Experience local flavors and a fantastic fjord landscape on a cider trip in Hardanger from Lofthus or Odda! The trip combines a fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord with cider tasting at one of the many orchards along the fjord.
Starting points
Lofthus or Odda
14 May - 31 August
Travel straight into the lush fruit and fjord landscape where the famous Hardanger ciders are produced. Choose between two well-known fruit and cider farms to visit.

Tour description

Start your tour from either Odda or Lofthus with a fantastic fjord cruise on the enchanting Hardangerfjord. The fjord cruise alone is an experience in itself! During the trip, you can enjoy beautiful views of the charming Hardangerfjord and the mighty Folgefonna glacier. Read more about the different farms you can visit below.
Aga Sideri:
Aga Sideri produces some of the finest cider available in Norway. At the Aga Sideri, you will learn more about how traditional Hardanger cider is made and you will get 3 tastings. On the tour from Lofthus, you will get lunch included at Aga Sideri.

Store Naa Siderkompani:
Store Naa Siderkompani is a farm with roots dating back to the 17th century. Eirik, who now runs the farm, is actually the 10th generation here! The knowledge about cider production is based on years of amassed experience.
Cider experiences in Hardanger - Åkre farm, Hardangerfjord - Norway
The Hardanger area is known for its spectacular fruit orchards. Hardanger contributes to 40% of all Norwegian fruit production each year.
Blossoming in Hardanger - Ulvik, Norway
The cidertour in Hardanger includes a fjord cruise from Odda or Lofthus to your preferred fruit farm. The cruise in itself is a wonderful experience!

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If you want, you can add an optional cider tasting at Alvavoll which is located directly above the boat quay in Lofthus. We recommend adding this when you get back to Lofthus, as it starts at 17:00.

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Top activities on the Cider tour in Hardanger

While in the region, why not extend your experience with a fun activity? Note that some activities may require overnight stays.

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