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Fjord Tours Articles / 12 Jul 2021

Visit Geirangerfjord and Protect Norway’s Natural Beauty

So, you’ve decided to go to Norway – what an incredible tourist destination! There is so much to do and see in this beautiful country, and for the environmentally conscious traveller looking for a sustainable way to travel, Norway is the ideal destination. The trip of a lifetime must include one of the most well-known and popular Norwegian fjords – the Geirangerfjord.

Geirangerfjord is a certified Sustainable Destination, which means that it provides enjoyable experiences to its visitors while preserving the local nature, culture and environment. In fact, the new green quay project is currently helping to protect the stunning natural beauty of this World Heritage site. In this article, we’ll tell you a little more about how you can enjoy Geirangerfjord in a sustainable way, and put together some information to help you make the most of your time there.

Geiranger De Syv Søstre ©Øyvind Heen
Photo: Øyvind Heen

Conserving natural beauty

Protecting the beautiful natural scenery in Norway can be a challenge alongside also welcoming tourists and travellers from all over the world to enjoy the incredible views and experiences. Geirangerfjord usually sees around 700,000 visitors over the summer months, and huge amounts of these tourists arrive on cruise ships that are powered by fossil fuels. The exciting new green quay project for the well known Geirangerfjord was developed to make the fjord greener and protect this natural wonder, which is listed on UNESCOs World Heritage list. As part of the project, it’s recommended that tourists rely more on emissions-free vessels to get to Geirangerfjord. You can read more about Geiranger in our guide to this stunning region of Norway.

Camilla Nordvik
Photo: Camilla Nordvik

How to get to Geirangerfjord

All year round

Traveling by plane to Geiranger is convenient and fast, and there are many daily flights from the largest towns and cities in Norway.

  • Oslo Airport - Alesund Airport, 55 minutes
  • Trondheim Airport - Alesund Airport, 55 minutes
  • Bergen Airport - Alesund Airport, 45 minutes

Travelling by car is a convenient way to reach your destination all year round. Here are some estimated travel times for you to get a feel for how long your journey will take depending on where you leave from.

  • Alesund Airport - Geiranger, 2.5 hours
  • Oslo Airport - Geiranger via Lillehammer, 8 hours
  • Bergen Airport - Geiranger, 8 hours
  • Trondheim Airport - Geiranger, 7 hours
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Photo: Camilla Nordvik

Summer Routes

Travelling by boat is an excellent idea in the summer. The popular ship Hurtigruten travels from Bergen to Geiranger from June 1st to August 31st, and offers a beautiful and comfortable journey. There’s a scenic train ride of around 5 hours from Oslo and Trondheim to the nearest train station in Andalsnes. Upon arriving in Andalsnes you must connect by bus to Alesund and Sjoholt and over to the Trollstigen Mountain Road (no.63) to Valldal and Geiranger between June 25th - August 19th.

Bus travel is another great travel option, but must be carefully planned taking note of specific summer routes and dates. You should always check the local listings before purchasing your tickets.

Photo: Geiranger Fjordservice


What can you do in Geirangerfjord after arriving at this gorgeous fjord with its scenic views? There are many different activities and experiences waiting for you. Here’s just a few:

Kayaking and hiking

With our amazing new kayak and hiking excursion, you have the pleasure of kayaking out on the fjord with your guide, and you will be led to an abandoned fjord farm called Skagefla. Upon arriving at a small bay you will have the opportunity to start a scenic hike. The hike is short but steep and so rewarding, with stunning views.  You’ll have many opportunities to see breathtaking waterfalls and incredible scenery, for a trip you’ll never forget.

Photo: Geiranger Fjordservice


If you are looking for a different perspective of Geiranger while using a sustainable mode of transportation, we recommend an E-bike rental. You’ll be thoroughly introduced to how to use an e-bike before you take off on your journey. Once you are safely on your way, you can tour Geiranger and make many stops along the way to experience your destination from the one-of- a-kind viewpoint of your bike.

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Photo: Geiranger Fjordservice

Fjord cruise

For the tourist interested in the laid-back tour of the fjord we recommend a fjord cruise in Alesund. Travel like a local and experience the fjords from a specifically designed catamaran to enhance your fjord sightseeing adventure. During your cruise, you can listen to an informative audio guide to give you more insight into the wonderful places you will experience while taking in stunning views of Geirangerfjord.

The picturesque mountain views and waterfalls of Geirangerfjord can be explored in many ways and during different seasons depending on your preferences. While we’ve focused mainly on the exciting experiences in the summer season, there are also great options for those wishing to travel during the winter months. Enjoy your trip to Norway’s stunning Geirangerfjord!

Photo: Geiranger Fjordservice