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Røros is a small town with a population for about 3800 people located in Trøndelag county. Traditionally a mining town, the town is today most known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site with authentic wooden structures and buildings.

Mining in Røros started in about 1644, when the first copper ore was extracted on the mountain plateau. When the mining business started, there were few people living in the area. Among the people trying to survive in the mountains, were the indigenous people of Scandinavia, the Sámi. Today, more than 20 Sámi families reside here – actively working with reindeer husbandry.

Today, the small town of Røros is almost like a living museum. The town centre with its authentic wooden structures is protected, and several buildings are listed. The inhabitants of Røros still work and live in these characteristic 17th and 18th century buildings.

In Røros you can explore narrow streets, old courtyards and buildings and find an amazing number of charming shops and workshops. The town is famous for it's artists and craftsmen, and it can boast of an impressive list of award-winning designer products.

Røros has a subarctic climate and it can get very cold here! The coldest temperature recorded here is −50.3 °C (−58.5 °F)! So if you are visiting Røros during the winter time, remember to dress warmly and bundle up!