Video: Balestrand Adventure
Video: Balestrand Adventure

RIB-boat Tour in Balestrand

Balestrand by the Sognefjord is known for its spectacular nature and national romantic architecture. On a RIB-boat trip in Balestrand, you explore the area around the village and visit the Esefjord and the beautiful Kvinnefossen waterfall.

1h, 20min
02.MAY - 30.SEP

This 90-minute roundtrip in the Balestrand includes several planned stops with breathtaking views of the Sognefjord and the stunning nature and architecture in the area. 

Tour description

Your tour starts at the Tourist Information Office in Balestrand where you meet your captain and are fitted with all the gear you need for the RIB-boat trip. After suiting up and a quick safety briefing, you are ready to head out on the fjord!

During the tour, you will see the majestic Kvinnefossen waterfall and the famous 22-meter high statue of the viking hero Fridtjov. There will also be several stops along the way, including Kvamsøy Island where you can see the medieval church built in the 13th century.

On each of the stops, your guide will tell you about the history o the area and supply facts about the things you will see. You will also get a good view of the village of Balestrand from the fjord, and the boat goes close to shore to inspect the dragon and Swiss style villas and Kviknes Hotel. 

Visit idyllic Balestrand on the Sognefjord in a nutshell tour.

Have a great trip!


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