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Cider tasting in Balestrand

Balholm Cider - Balestrand , Norway
Tasty Balholm Cider - Ciderhuset, Balestrand
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Norwegian cider traditions in a family-run organic orchard!

  • The cider tradition in Sogn is exotic and unrestrained, resulting in many unique and innovative drinks
  • The Cider House in Balestrand offers cider tastings with five ciders & snacks as well as an interpretation about the cider production in Sogn
  • Each cider comes with a snack, including the house's homemade chocolate
  • There are also non-alcoholic options available
Starting point
1 hr 30 min
10 May - 10 September

Activity description

Droplets on the skin of apples. The light kiss of blossoms. Bubbles rising through sweet gold. Do you care about the stories behind what you drink? Are you thirsty for new flavors and insights?
The tour starts at the beginning, in the organic orchard on the banks of the Sognefjord, the oldest fruit-growing region in Norway. I’ll show how the tastes we seek start with small cuttings. They stretch towards the sky in Balestrand’s unique fjord light, which has inspired adventurers and artists for generations. Together with your guide, you learn the basics of growing apples and the local traditions, from the 1100s to today.
Then you step into the Cider House, where we taste our way through five ciders. and learn that apples are more than just apples. You will get acquainted with the whole spectrum of tastes: sweet dessert apples, acidic cooking apples, and bitter cider apples. And you’ll taste that cider is more than just cider. You sample your way through five unique styles, from light and easy “veranda cider” to heavy tannin-infused cider, best drunk alongside bold and savory dishes. 
The Cider House is a family business. Gard and Åge bring the beverages from the cider cellar, Eli-Grete grows herbs and lettuce in the garden, and Tuba, leaning on her Turkish legacy, mixes it all together in the kitchen.
Visit fruity Balestrand on the Sognefjord in a Nutshell™ trip.
See you in the orchard!

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