Photo: Ruben Soltvedt

Fjord safari with RIB to Fyksesund

Join in on an adrenaline-filled RIB tour on the Hardangerfjord– the fastest boat ride you can get! Your driver and guide stops a couple of times to let the unique scenery work its magic and to provide interesting facts about the fjord and people who used to live at the fjord farm.

1h, 30min
01.APR - 30.NOV

Fyksesund is the only side fjord in the Hardangerfjord without a road to the inner part of the fjord arm. The last 5 km of the 10 km long fjord goes between steep mountainsides to the roadless old village Botnen at the end of the fjord.

Tour description

You meet your guide at Hardangerfjord Hotel in Øystese. After dressing up and do a brief review of safety you head out on the fjord. Across the Hardangerfjord, the trip enters the old trading town of Herandsholmen. From here the trips goes north across the fjord and enters Fyksesund which is an adventurous beautiful fjord arm midway through the Hardangerfjord.

The trip goes back via Kvamsøy. With a bit of luck even porpoises show themselves in the water. There are several stops close to land along the way to experience nature and life along the fjord. It is important to have a camera easily accessible.

Visit Øystese on the Hardangerfjord in a nutshell tour.



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