Photo: Jostedalen Breførarlag

Glacier hiking on Nigardsbreen - 5 hours

Experience the giant blue ice world of the Nigardsbreen Glacier near the Sognefjord and learn about the exciting nature of the Jostedalsglacier.

5 hours
01.JUN - 14.SEP

This 5 hour glacier hiking trip is long enough to seek out some of the most impressive areas of the blue ice landscape of the Nigardsbreen glacier.

Tour description

This glacier hike is a bit more demanding than the 4 hour hike, as the route passes through some more challenging and steeper parts of the glacier. As a reward you get a great view of the snow covered Jostedalsbreen and the upper part of Nigardsbreen.

Discover the power of nature and learn how to use crampons and ice axe, experience impressive ice towers and deep blue crevasses. Participants should have some previous hiking experience in somewhat rough terrain. 

Learn all about the formative power of a glacier on an experience you never will forget! The exhibition at Breheimsenteret is included.