Photo: Nigardsbreen glacier - Jostedalen Breførarlag

Go glacier hiking on Nigardsbreen in Norway

A thrilling and challenging experience. Book a tour with an experienced guide.

Glacier hiking on Nigardsbreen - Moderate

Discover the power of nature, impressive ice towers and deep blue crevasses on this 4 hour glacier hiking tour. An experience you never will forget!

4h, 30min
15.MAY- 25.SEP

On this Blue Ice Hike you will experience and learn how to use crampons and an ice axe, visit ice caves and learn all about the formative power of a Glacier.

Tour description

An experienced guide will be with you during your hike on the glacier and complete glacier equipment will be provided.

You will be roped up, and walk leisurely with crampons and ice axe along deep blue crevasses and high ice towers. Sometimes you can even crawl through some ice tunnels! Some part of the route climbs quite steep up and down, which is made easier by steps in the ice.

Participants should be reasonably sure-footed and have some previous hiking experience. For people without any hiking experience on mountain trails, the trip can be a bit tough. This hike is suitable for all who want to experience, what glacier hiking really is like. On the hike you spend about 1,5h on the glacier.

The Nigardsbreen Glacier is nearby the Sognefjord and you will have views of some of the most impressive areas of the blue ice!