Photo: Active Geiranger 2017

Kayak tour to the "Seven sisters" in Geiranger

Go kayaking on the Geiranger Fjord and get close up to the great waterfall the "Seven sisters" - a fantastic way to enjoy your day and experience a journey through history and nature.

3 hours
10.JUN - 20.AUG

The kayak tour starts from Active Geiranger's base in Grande. You will be contacted if you need pick-up up in Geiranger. Your guide for the day takes you through safety instructions and training is provided before the trip starts.

Tour description

When all the practical information is safely taken care of, you paddle calmly out on the famous Geirangerfjord. Your guide will tell you more about the history of how the breathtaking landscapes were formed, to how the world heritage area is flourishing today.

Depending on the conditions, the goal of the trip is to approach "The Seven Sisters", a waterfall that got its name because the waterfalls at a distance can resemble the hair of seven women. The waterfall is formed by the Knivsflå rivers, which are located midway in the Geirangerfjord. Have the camera ready, there will be many stunning pictures to snap.

After some fantastic hours on the fjord, you paddle back to Grande, filled with unforgettable memories. The silence, the proximity to the water, and the mighty nature surrounding you make a kayak tour on the Geirangerfjord truly unique.

Welcome to a fantastic trip to the stunning Seven Sisters!