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Sea kayaking day tour Gudvangen

Join in on a full day of kayaking in Gudvangen and explore the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Park! On this tour, you will experience places only accessible by kayaks!

7h, 45min
15.APR - 25.SEPT

This trip is designed to show you most of the UNESCO World Heritage Park as you will explore the historic area of the Nærøyfjord, which for centuries has been playing an important role in linking together western and central Norway. Explore the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Park - you will go to places only accessible by kayaks. 

Tour description

You meet your guide at the Kayak Center in Gudvange and you will be introduced to the other members of the day's group. The guide ensures that you are properly equipped with your personal paddling gear for the day and then you're off.

Together with your guide, you will paddle to areas only accessible to sea kayaks or boats as there are no roads going further once we reach Bakka. Instruction in paddling, group safety, and environmental care will be given along the way and your guide will tell you stories about life in and around the fjord.

You will view waterfalls, pass small settlements and local farms, as you pass through the narrow fjord that is only a few hundred meters wide at places. You are likely to spot seals, they are seen on most tours from a distance and sometimes do come by for a closer look.

During the trip, there will be a break for a delicious barbecue lunch. During the break, you can relax, explore, go swimming or take some photos. The meal served is fresh & generous, and you can lay back and enjoy the food in beautiful surroundings. Can it get any better?

The tour on the fjord is 14-16 km long which is 3.5-4.5 hours of paddling depending on the day, the group, and the weather. After some fantastic hours in the world heritage area, it is time to return to Gudvangen after a day filled with unbeatable experiences and impressions.

Have a nice trip!


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