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Car Ferry between Kaupanger and Gudvangen

Gudvangen - Kaupanger, Beautiful UNESCO Nærøyfjord - Car Ferry  Gudvangen - Kaupanger
Ferry On The Nærøyfjorden  - Gudvangen - Kaupanger - Norway
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Explore Norway's most famous fjords on a scenic ferry ride!

  • Travel on a journey through some of the most beautiful fjord landscapes in Norway, including the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord, the charming Aurlandsfjord, and the mighty and impressive Sognefjord
  • Start from either Kaupanger or Gudvangen and experience the beautiful fjord, majestic mountains, idyllic villages, and stunning nature in the comfort of a spacious ferry deck
  • Catch the final daily departure from Gudvangen at a half-price discount!
Starting points
Kaupanger or Gudvangen
2 hr 25 min
1 June - 1 September
On this ferry ride, you will get to sail through the narrow, majestic Nærøyfjord while marveling at the many waterfalls with free falls up to 840 meters.
You will pass several idyllic villages, some of which have no road connection and is only accessible by boat.
Tilt your head back to see small homesteads clinging to the sides of the mighty mountains plunging into the fjord. Snow-covered peaks cover the side of the fjords forming a striking contrast with the clear waters.
Choose "Travelers" in the booking box to select your ticket type. See departure times in the booking box, have a good trip, and drive safely!

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