Video: The Viking Planet
Video: The Viking Planet

The Viking Planet

The Viking Planet offers a varied and unique experience based on our rich Viking heritage. Norway's first digital Viking museum allows you to explore the world of the Vikings in a new and exciting way!

2 hours
Suitable for all

The Viking Planet resurrects the Viking times with VR technology, holograms, interactive screens, and 270-degree films.

Here you can learn and experience how the Vikings lived, join them on their expeditions, feel the power of the elements on board a Viking ship, and even take a picture of yourself as a Viking!

At the Viking Planet, you can use all your senses to learn about the Viking's religion, mythology, ships, and cultural heritage. This interactive museum aims to connect you with the Viking times in an innovative and engaging way.

During your visit, you can also see 3D objects from The Viking ship Museum including The iconic Oseberg and Gokstad ships. The museum also includes a Viking-themed gift shop.