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Ski ticket to Myrkdalen

Book a ski ticket to Myrkdalen from Bergen including train, bus and day pass to all ski lifts at Myrkdalen Mountain Resort!
Skiing in Norway

Ski ticket to Myrkdalen

Great package deal for skiing in Myrkdalen this winter! Travel to one of the snowiest skiing destinations in Norway, only a short distance from Bergen. Spend an extra day in the area and travel on the Norway in a nutshell® tour from Voss to experience top quality skiing and a tour of the fjords!

Book your skiing trip here with a great winter deal including transport and day pass to the lifts, all in one package! Myrkdalen is located only 25 kilometres from Voss in one of the snowiest areas in Norway.

Good to know

  • Myrkdalen offers fantastic snow conditions
  • Myrkdalen has a ski school for all ages
  • You can rent skis at the ski centre
  • 9 skilifts, 22 slopes
  • Ideal for for children
  • We also offer Ski Ticket to Myrkdalen for STUDENTS and YOUTHS

Whether you like snowboarding, downhill skiing or Telemark skiing, you will find a challenge that suits you at Myrkdalen.

Travel times

  • Train from Bergen: 08:43
  • Arrival Voss 09:56
  • Bus from Voss 10:00
  • Arrival Myrkdalen 10:40
  • Bus from Myrkdalen 15:40
  • Arrival Voss 16:30
  • Train from Voss 16:37
  • Arrival Bergen 17:57

Note: On the weekends you can travel on an earlier departure from Bergen at 06:51. If you prefer this please book the trip with the 08:43 departure, but write in the comment box that you want the early 06:51 departure.

Travel tip

Start in Bergen - buy the ski ticket to Myrkdalen - go skiing one day - see the fjords the next day! You can start the Norway in a nutshell® tour from Voss, read more about the tour here.

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